Monday, May 26, 2014

A Week In The Life... (May 19-25, 2014)

As far as good weeks go, last week ranked pretty high up on the list.  Why, you ask?  Because I spent the week on the sun-drenched white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, that's why!  With XTERRA only a couple weeks away I couldn't stop training though.  

Training Log:
I took Monday off last week to finish packing and getting things ready to leave for the beach on Tuesday.  We arrived at the beach late Tuesday afternoon and, after driving all day, I was a bit stir crazy.  I decided to go for a little run on the beach.  I wasn't really sure how far I would go or what my pace would be, I just wanted to run.  I ended up with 4 miles at 10:13 min/mile.  

Wednesday morning I was up early and hit the on-site gym for a little weight training.  I got a full body circuit workout in then spent the rest of the day throwing football/frisbee on the beach, "swimming" in the ocean and just doing general beach stuff.

Enjoying some breakfast after my workout.
Thursday I decided to give the Hokas some love.  As per the norm, I was up before everyone else in the condo so I got dressed and headed out for a run.  I decided to stay on the sidewalks and get some intervals in.  Like my Tuesday afternoon run, I had no idea how far I would go.  I did a 1 mile warm up then 3 miles at heart rate intervals.  I turned around after mile three thinking 6 miles on the day would be plenty.  I was right.  I've not quite gotten acclimated to the heat yet and by halfway through mile 4 I was feeling the sun just drain me.  I finished the run strong though and clocked in 6 miles at 9:31 min/mile.  

Friday and Saturday both ended up as "rest days" for me as well.  Friday I spent all day doing beach stuff again and Saturday was spent driving home.  

I had planned all along for Sunday to be a big brick day.  I opted for some course recon and general dirty fun on the trails in South Knoxville.  I hadn't really studied the bike course for XTERRA but I had a general idea of which trials they were using so I just rode a general loop and focused on my riding cadence and my pace.  I finished my bike split for the day with 17.2 miles at an avg speed of 8.8 mph gaining 1458 ft of elevation.  I got the bike loaded up, changed my shoes and set off on the run course.  I felt really good for most of the run.  My pace and heart rate were good and I was enjoying my run.  I knew, however, that the big nasty climb was waiting at mile 3 to punish me before letting me leave.  I made the turn onto Tharp Trace and the trail kicked up.  I soldiered up the climb but it was quite terrible.  The worst part is that going down isn't any better.  Once at the bottom, I was able to get my pace back and finished pretty strong.  I completed the 4.4 miles in 45:54 (only around 1:30 slower than my course best).  

Final Thoughts:
Another great week in the books.  I had every intention of doing some serious open water swimming in the ocean, it just didn't work out.  I got a few hundred meters in while the wife followed on her SUP board but nothing of any real note.  I'm really happy with the runs from this week and my ankle pain has mostly gone away.  I'm also feeling pretty good after the brick workout.  Looking forward to another good week of training before taper.

Weekly Totals:  Swim - does boogie board in the ocean count?, Bike - 17.2 miles, Run - 14.5 miles.  


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